25/10/2018 Brand Image

PEKAES with a new website

PEKAES, a leading logistics operator, has presented a new website. A refreshed graphic layer, interactive maps, intuitive functionalities and a version designed for mobile devices will be a positive surprise for those visiting the new website of the Company.

Launching the new website is a next step towards changes to the visual identification of PEKAES. Last year, the company presented its new logo, changed colour scheme, slogan and pictographs. The brand’s image change has resulted from the need to adapt the visual layer to the nature of the operations of the Company, which in recent years has undergone changes to its profile. PEKAES has transformed from a transport company into the leading logistics and intermodal operator with a full range of services, which is perfectly reflected in the company’s slogan “More than expected”.

A significant part of the new website is its version for mobile devices. It provides mobile Internet users with quick access to any information available on the website when using mobile decives.

This year PEKAES celebrates its 60th anniversary and on this occasion I am very happy with our launch of the new website. We initiated the process of changes to the visual identification of the Company a year ago with the new website being one of the stages of these activities.The next step will involve the launch of the new Customer Zone and the Carrier Zone. The website is often the first contact point with PEKAES, the showcase of the Company, that is why we want it to be intuitive, clear and modern – says Joanna Więckowska, PEKAES Marketing and Communication Director.