08/11/2018 Business Development

Growing traffic on the Silk Road

The transport and transhipment of products from China has been growing dynamically and everything is indicating that the trade on the New Silk Road will grow even further. SPEDCONT has significantly increased the capacity of the transhipment terminal in Łódź in order to handle even more trains from China.

Nearly five years ago the project to ship goods along the New Silk Road was launched and the first Łódź-Chengdu connection was set up. The New Silk Road created opportunities that have previously been unknown and it had a beneficial impact on the development of many companies. One of them is SPEDCONT, a company from the PEKAES Group, which for several years has been successfully handling containers arriving in Poland and leaving our country to be shipped to China in its terminal in Łódź.

The first train from Łódź to Chinese Chengdu left in 2013. Railway transports from China took place once a week and covered mainly imports. At the moment, the SPEDCONT terminal in Łódź handles transports in both directions. In 2016, 250 trains arrived at and departed from our terminal, whereas in 2017, there were as many as 500 of them. This year the results are promising – we are expecting another record,” states Marcin Dobruchowski, CEO of SPEDCONT.

During the five years, the volume of connections linking Poland and Europe with China has grown. Currently all trains travelling from China to Europe cross our country. Each container with goods is equipped with a GPS transmitter, thanks to which the transport is monitored along the entire route.

The PEKAES Group is also developing cooperation in customs services and railway LCL transport on the China-Europe-China route.

For the last five years we have invested considerable funds in order to adapt to the quickly changing conditions on the market and to be able to accept the growing volume of goods from China. We have proposed a comprehensive service to the Chinese party, encompassing the customs service, terminal service, domestic and international road transport,” admits Maciej Bachman, CEO of PEKAES.

The SPEDCONT Łódź terminal is currently one of the largest such facilities in Poland. Its excellent location in the very centre of the country makes it possible for the company to efficiently distribute goods. The company ended another stage of expansion of the Łódź terminal which consists in extending the storage yard area by 2.5 ha and putting another overhead crane into operation. The fleet of container semitrailers was also increased. All these investments are supposed to further reinforce SPEDCONT’s potential in the cooperation with counterparties from the Middle Kingdom.